About us

NUVO-NG is a Canadian based company that is executing on energy and energy related infrastructure project in the Caribbean and the Americas. Projects typically consist of reducing the reliance on traditional fossil fuels or those that deliver clean and/ or renewable energy. While a focus has been on waste to energy projects, we are also able to deliver CNG/ LNG initiatives for the transportation and power generation industries that can include vehicle and facility conversions, new infrastructure and dispensing stations.

NUVO_NG is delivering clean electricity back into the grid through unique technology that converts various types of municipal waste (organic, biosolid, sewage sludge) in to a biofuel that powers a Power Generation facility. More importantly, it reduces landfill spread creating healthier communities and environments.

NUVO–NG works with a variety of strategic partners to deliver innovative and custom solutions to address our clients many complex issues. NUVO-NG are particularly interested in working with governments through “Public Private Partnerships” to help activate quality infrastructure projects that may not get the attention or resources needed.