Waste to Energy

NUVO-NG is actively pursuing several “waste to energy” initiatives throughout the Caribbean.  In most developing nations, waste is either burned or buried.  Both options create serious environmental and health challenges. Neither of these solutions harness the inert energy that is available in most waste…which can be transformed to green power.  Moreover, effective disposal of waste and a good recycling program can divert almost 90% of current waste that is going directly to landfills.

Our objective entails utilizing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), that can be diverted from landfills, and international marine produced waste from cruise ships to generate clean, renewable electricity.

NUVO – NG, through a strategic partnership, supports a proprietary technology which is a patented and proven solution that coverts waste and sewage sludge to a bio-solid output through an organic process that does not use fossil fuels. This technology is arguably the most cost efficient, state -of the -art waste to energy technology available in the market.  It is scalable and modular and recovers up to 3x more energy from waste then other solutions.


 A world without landfills